Sedation Dentistry In Brooklyn, NY

Looking For Sedation Dentistry In Brooklyn, NY?

While 15% of Americans suffer from dental anxiety, it’s no surprise that many neglect dental check-ups and exams until problems have become so horrible that teeth need to be extracted. Whether the apprehension or fear stems from a previous bad experience or insecurity about the condition of your teeth, our practice’s primary goal is to make patients feel welcome, comfortable, and secure.


Experts Of Sedation Dentistry In Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Amirian is a New York State Oral Conscious Sedation Licensee and offers anxious patients pill oral sedation and laughing gas sedation to help them relax during the most routine treatment. Sedation dentistry in Brooklyn, NY can also help patients complete more complex procedures in less time, sometimes in a single visit, and those patients only requiring a simple cleaning can doze off in the dental chair and rest easy while we take care of all your dental concerns.

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“Best dentist service! They are very professional, gentle and caring with their patients. I would recommend this dental office to anyone. Their respond to emergency situations is fast and effective. Overall I had a really good experience”

“I just got home! I'm so happy that my concerns were listened to & addressed. The staff & dentists showed care & concern. He is patient & precise. I actually enjoyed my visit to the dentist this time. I will definitely refer my friends & family to them.”

Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

  • Fear of needles and/or injections
  • Need to complete a large amount of dental work in one sitting
  • Dreadful previous experiences with other dental offices
  • Hyperactive gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Special needs
  • Uneasiness with standard dental sounds, odors, tastes, or vibrations

Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry Brooklyn, NY, has emerged as a popular choice for patients who experience various concerns or anxieties when visiting the dentist. It offers a solution to help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during their dental appointments. Let's explore some of the reasons why patients choose sedation dentistry:

For individuals who fear needles or injections, dental anesthesia can be anxiety-inducing. Sedation Dentistry near Brooklyn allows patients to enter a deeply relaxed state, reducing their awareness of the procedure and minimizing the stress associated with injections or needle-related procedures.

Patients who require extensive dental work, such as multiple fillings, root canals, or extractions, may find it overwhelming to undergo these procedures in separate appointments. Dental sedation services Brooklyn enable the completion of a substantial amount of dental work in one sitting, minimizing the need for multiple visits and reducing overall treatment time.

Unpleasant or traumatic experiences at previous dental offices can leave patients hesitant or anxious about future dental visits. Painless dental Brooklyn, NY, helps patients overcome these negative associations by providing a calming and anxiety-free environment, allowing them to receive dental care without the emotional distress of past experiences.

A hyperactive gag reflex can make dental procedures, such as X-rays or impressions, challenging and uncomfortable for patients. A sedation dentist in Brooklyn, NY, relaxes the muscles and reduces the sensitivity of the gag reflex, making these procedures more tolerable and less distressing.

Patients with sensitive teeth may experience discomfort during dental procedures, particularly when exposed to cold air or water. Sleep dentistry in Brooklyn helps alleviate this sensitivity by inducing a relaxed state, making the patient less responsive to external stimuli and reducing potential discomfort.

Patients with special needs, such as developmental disabilities or physical limitations, may struggle to undergo routine dental care. Dental sedation in Brooklyn, NY provides these individuals with a safe and comfortable option, enabling dental professionals to deliver necessary treatments while ensuring their well-being and comfort.

Some individuals may have heightened sensitivity to standard dental sensations, such as the sound of dental instruments, the odor of dental materials, the taste of cleaning solutions, or the vibrations felt during procedures. Sedation Dentistry offers a painless dentist near me, Brooklyn, to create a more relaxed and pleasant dental experience.

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For most dental and surgical procedures, we use local anesthetic such as lidocaine, to numb the area we are working on. Once you are properly numb, you do not feel pain.

  • Our sedative dentist Brooklyn always starts by applying a gel on the gums to minimize the discomfort of the injection
  • Our NY dentist can also use a Dental Vibe instrument that minimizes discomfort by vibrating during the injection
  • Local anesthetic is used in conjugation with sedation for pain management under sleep dentistry Brooklyn.

Laughing gas helps patients relax during appointments.

  • This is a good option for patients who have mild dental anxiety
  • Laughing Gas wears off quickly after your treatment is completed

Patients, who have mild or moderate dental anxiety, can benefit tremendously with oral sedation. Our full sedation dentistry Brooklyn would prescribe medication in a pill form that you can take in our office an hour before your dental appointment starts.

  • In certain situations, our conscious sedation dentist Brooklyn NY prescribes a dose of medication to take the night before to help you sleep
  • Oral sedation affects people differently with some patients becoming relaxed enough to fall asleep in the dental chair
  • Our sensitive dentistry Brooklyn NY suggest to have a driver to escort you home from the dental appointment

IV sedation is a good choice for patients who are very nervous and desire a deeper level of sedation. This is commonly referred to as “Twilight sleep” and our twilight sedation dentist Brooklyn Ny uses monitors to assess your vital signs and administer oxygen.

It is a safer form of anesthesia because you are still conscious and breathing on your own. Many patients fall asleep but can be easily awakened.

  • A small catheter is placed into a vein and this is where your doctor would administer medication
  • It works more quickly and it allows the doctor to control and adjust the level of sedation as needed
  • With IV sedation, most patients do not remember their dental procedure
  • It is necessary to have a driver to escort you home from the dental appointment